Samsung Galaxy S2 + Android 4.x


Feat VPN works nice (only short tested yet on my phone) but since I upgraded last weekend to the new 4.0 Android Feat VPN writes:

This Android device has known issues...
Code M01 - L2TP ist not proerly implemented...

Why ? Before the upgrade it works/L2TP was implemented. And when looking in the system settings it still offers me following (advanced) VPN network types:

IPSec Xauth PSK
IPSec Xauth RSA
IPSec Hybrid RSA

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it's perfect

Hi Reiner,

Unfortunately, FEAT VPN does not work with Android 4.0. FEAT VPN is based on Android's built-in L2TP client. Android 4.0 only supports L2TP over IPsec, it does not support plain L2TP anymore. However, plain L2TP is required by FEAT VPN to work its magic.

I must say, though, that our error message is a bit misleading. It should be more specific about the missing L2TP implementation. Let me add this to our to do list.

However, there's hope: Android 4.0 introduced an API for VPN client apps, i.e., an officially Google-endorsed way to write VPN clients for Android without requiring root. Previous Android versions did not have a VPN client API. The reason why you previously had to root your Android device to run OpenVPN was that nobody had figured out how to emulate the missing VPN client API in Android. We found a way and were thus able to create FEAT VPN for Android 2.x and 3.x.

As there is a VPN client API in Android 4.0, I would assume that sooner or later there will be OpenVPN ports for Android 4.0 and later that make use of that API. It should be relatively straight forward. A few weeks back there even was a discussion on the OpenVPN developer mailing list, where people contemplated a port to Android 4.0.

Sorry that I do not have better news for you.