App Privacy Policy

It is inevitable that the FEAT VPN app discloses certain personal information to us. We do not think that any of the information that we learn is particularly critical or unexpected, but California law requires us to tell you what personal information it is that the app discloses to us. We believe that this legal requirement is a good thing, as it promotes privacy awareness on the Internet.

We do not do anything with this information. In particular, we do not share it with anybody. We just cannot easily avoid collecting this information. If there were an easy way to avoid collecting this information, then we would do it.

In any case, here's what the app tells us about you:

  • During the last three tests of the FEAT VPN self test, a test VPN tunnel is established to our test VPN server. This is done to perform an end-to-end VPN test. First, a VPN tunnel is established to our test VPN server, then a DNS request is made through the VPN tunnel, and, finally, an HTTP request is made through the tunnel. What we - obviously - learn from that is the IP address with which you access the Internet. It's the IP address from which your device's VPN tunnel packets originate.
  • FEAT VPN allows you to send us your FEAT VPN log or test log via email. When you chose to do this, we - obviously - learn your email address from the email that you send us. When you look at the body of the email, you'll also see that it contains the make and model of your device as well as the version of Android that you run. This information provides us with context for the log or test log. The FEAT VPN log or test log most likely also contains the IP address that your Android device uses to access the local network to which it is connected, e.g., the Wi-Fi or mobile data network.